Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club Rules


Subscriptions are to be paid annually when due. Late payment of Subscriptions after a period of grace will result in that member being required to repeat the nomination process. Lending of your Club card for non-members use may result in suspension. When nominating a person for membership (nominator plus seconder are required to be a financial member for 2 years prior) it is required that they are introduced to the Manager or a committee person, to assist committee to approve their nomination. Nomination fees are non-refundable. Any person wishing to become a member may be asked to produce photo ID as proof of age.

Dress Rule:

Members & guests are required to be in clean & tidy dress with suitable footwear. This ruling applies on Friday evening at 7pm (8pm during daylight saving hours) and any other time that is deemed a special occasion.

Penalties for breach of this rule are:

During the first hour – 2 weeks suspension

Continuance in the club after the first hour – 2 months suspension

Re-offending of this rule within 3 months – 2 months suspension

The wearing of hats within the Club is forbidden at all times except on special occasions as approved by committee.

Membership Draws:

Shall be Thursday nights between 6.30pm-7pm and Friday nights between 6pm-7pm (Winter) 6.30pm-7.30pm  (Summer)

Smoking within the Club:

Is prohibited. Any person caught smoking within the Club will receive:- 1st offence – written warning 2nd offence – three (3) months suspension 3rd offence – six (6) months suspension.

Reciprocal Visiting:

Rights do not apply to Clubs within 10km or members of another Club whom reside within 10km of this Club.


Are required to be signed in and accompanied by a member at all times, whilst in the club they are the responsibility of the member who signed them in. Any visitor whose conduct is unsuitable within the Club shall be asked to leave and may be served a trespass notice.


Less than 18 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times and are not permitted in the gaming area.

Private Functions: must be booked through the Manager. No member may hold a private function on a Friday evening.

Use of the Lounge:

For functions by members is free of charge. Non-members fee is $50.00

Use of the Board Room:

Fee is $25.00


Sold within the Club are to have prior committee approval (other than adjuncts) and must be sold from an allocated area for not longer than 2 hours at any one time.

Gaming Area:

To remain closed whenever bar is closed.

Gaming Machine grant applications: must be on the correct form provided and lodged with the secretary manager at the time given for presentation to the committee for consideration.

The club will follow the CLUBSAFE responsible Gaming Policies.

All rules, policies and misdemeanors: shall apply to all members and visitors of this Club.


All non members will be dealt with by the Secretary / Manager.

Wilful Damage to any club property is an automatic three (3) months minimum suspension.

Physical Assault on any other person will result in a six (6) months minimum suspension.

Theft – twelve (12) months suspension.

Any member supplying liquor to minors outside the designated area will be suspended for three (3) months

Urinating within the club boundaries (in other than designated toilets) will result in an automatic three (3) months suspension.

Re-nomination is required following a twelve (12) month suspension.

At the conclusion of a two (2) year suspension. That person must apply in writing to the committee requesting the right of re-entry into the premises.

Offensive behaviour will be dealt with by the committee.

Use of illegal drugs or substances on club property or during club activities will be dealt with by committee.

Appeal committee:

Comprises of 5 members, with no less than 3 in attendance when required. Any member whose name is recorded for a misdemeanour shall be written to and informed of the allegation and given the date of the meeting that committee shall be hearing the said allegation. If a suspension is the result the member concerned shall be advised that other clubs shall be informed of the suspension. Any member may apply to be heard by the appeal committee.

Health & Safety:

Identifying and reporting hazards are the responsibility of all staff, committee and members. A safe environment is crucial for our continued success. Hazards both physical and mental are regularly identified and managed by committee, management and staff. If a hazard is identified, please notify the management as soon as possible so that this can be minimised immediately. Employees are required to inform the manager of any stress related issues that are having an impact on their ability to perform their work. Any accident or incident must be recorded on the register. Children must have adult supervision at all times.