Dear Members,

It is my pleasure to deliver this, my last Presidential report. As a Committee member for ten years and President for four it is now time to step down and hand over the reins to new members to take our Club into the future.

2018/19 has been another year of success for the Club and in particular:

• We have undertaken renovations in the Manager’s house, including some interior painting, carpeting and a new bathroom

• In June 2018 we purchased a new 50-inch TV for the enjoyment of members

• We’ve spent over four years paying off a number of debts including our mortgage just last year, and therefore haven’t invested cash in term investments for some time. I am pleased we are now in a position to do so.

After these projects I am happy to announce another profit for the Club. As I noted last year, it’s important to remember that a number of similar sized Clubs around the country have not had this financial prosperity and have consequently shut down – so we are doing really well.

The Former Manager Lindsay Campbell retired this year after four years’ service to our Club. He has contributed significantly toward getting us back on track. I thank Lindsay for his dedication and diligence during this time and I wish him and his wife well. Serena Cawsey has taken over as Manager and is doing a stellar job – long may this last.

Our staff go to amazing efforts to keep the Club busy. Being on the frontline is not an easy job and often comes with its challenges. Barney, Dion, Ebony, Jo, Kelly-Ann, Leeanne and Serena, all do a fantastic job and I thank them for their support during my time as President.

Shelley, Dawn, Ebony and Lisa do a great job in the kitchen. Producing good, hearty food in such a small workspace must be challenging and your efforts are commended.
I again attended the Clubs NZ conference this year in Tauranga and compared to similar sized Clubs I am pleased to share that we are doing extremely well. Other conference delegates also shared positive feedback with me and this is promising.

Thanks to my Committee who have stood strong during my time as President. Your support has been outstanding and I thank you for the hours that you all dedicate to the Club outside of just attending meetings. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Finally to all our members and we have nearly 500 of you – thank you all. Without the members we wouldn’t have a Club.

I have enjoyed my time on the Committee and as President – it has been a huge honour to hold this position on behalf of the members. While it can be a thankless job at times I have had the privilege of attending national conferences across the Country representing our Club on a national stage.

Our success, however, can be attributed to the continuously high standards of conduct we expect from our members, affiliates and their guests. This standard sets our Clubs apart from other public bars and taverns and we must work hard to protect this for the future.

There have been many ups and downs over the years – more ups though, which tells me that the Club is heading into a prosperous future. I wish the new Committee and President well in their endeavours and I look forward to being a member again. I leave the Club in good hands.

Hei kōnei rā

Roger (Piklet) Feickert